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Our courses can be taken anytime and anywhere for up to 6 months after enrollment.

$75 gift card per course

when you enroll in 4 or more courses

USE CODE* : BTSchool50

$50 gift card per course

when you enroll in 3 courses

USE CODE* : BTSchool50

$25 gift card per course

when you enroll in 1 or 2 courses

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Choose from over 150 university-accredited, graduate-level, self-paced courses for teacher salary progression and recertification.

Course Price: $360 per 3-credits

Note: If you see “The coupon that you entered has been applied to your cart” on the top of your checkout page, we have successfully received your coupon and you will receive your gift cards even if the coupon applied appear as $0. 


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Why take our courses


Classroom Applicable

Expertly crafted courses that are meaningful, engaging, and immediately applicable to today’s classroom.


We’ve worked hard to offer our courses at competitive prices that include all credits, materials, and shipping.


Our coursework is not tied to a semester, can be completed anytime and anywhere, and offers six months in which to complete it.


Over 150 university-accredited, graduate-level courses in a broad range of relevant and timely subjects.


“Advancement Courses provides interesting classes that are focused on my discipline as well as general education courses. It allows me the flexibility to take classes on my own time. I can do a class in a month or six months, based on what fits into my busy lifestyle.”

Laura Forde, Social Studies Teacher

*Coupon not valid on prior purchases and cannot be combined with other discounts. Valid through August 22, 2014. You can also enroll in any course by calling us at 800.762.0121; 8:30am - 4:30pm PST Mon-Fri.

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