12 Teachers Share Their Favorite Holiday Classroom Activities

Student cuts out a paper star.

The holiday season is a fun-filled time of year, especially for younger students. Holiday-themed lessons are a great way to celebrate with your students while creating meaningful learning opportunities. We asked some of our teachers to share how they incorporate holiday activities into the classroom, and they provided some great ideas! Below are some of their suggestions.

Holiday Classroom Activities 

Holiday window painting! We collaborate with local businesses and the students decorate their windows before a town-wide holiday celebration. — Morgan Giannotti, 9-12th grade art

Engineering design challenge of building a bridge for the gingerbread man to cross.  Elena Reyes Lovins, K-5th grade gifted and talented

Studying reindeer populations! The reindeer population activity focuses on interpreting graphs and data. It is a fun way to incorporate Christmas into a serious biology topic.  Cassie Sirockman-Bell, 9-12th grade biology

Making diyas [small oil lamps] to celebrate Diwali!  Julie Weaver, kindergarten

Diyas to celebrate Diwali.

Creating snowglobes with the students' pictures inside and then writing about their day in a snowglobe world!  Kristi Kenyon, 5th grade special education

I love turning on the "fireplace" while we stitch our handmade stockings. I hang their stockings under the fire and when they come in to see they are filled, the pure excitement is the best! They never know I'm the one that fills their stockings, so it's magical!  Kelly Thompson, 3rd grade

We create plate tectonics ornaments and add hang tags with our wishes for the world.  Jill Weaver, 8th grade

Plate tectonic ornament.

I teach math... so my favorite academic lesson the students love doing is Black Friday savings with percents. They scan the ads and start thinking about their own Christmas lists.  Lori Bridges Prichard, 6th grade math

I love teaching the children to play the dreidel game. I share about my culture and I learn about theirs. I also like giving them Hanukkah gelt (chocolate).  Brenda Grossman Sperling, 1st grade 

Watching Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate. I make them a necklace with red ribbon and silver bell. They jingle their bell to see if they believe!  Shea Webster, 2nd grade

Create a jingle bell necklace, based off of the Polar Express movie.

My favorite activity is our annual trip to an assisted living home to sing for, read to, visit with, and give gifts to the elderly residents there. My heart melts every time.  Karrie Villano-Marciniak, 3rd grade

Reading the short story "The Greatest Gift" which was the inspiration for the movie It's A Wonderful Life. We then watch the movie, which most kids have never seen. They complain on the first day about how old it is and the black and white but by the last day they are excited for how much they loved it.  Lauren Veneziani, 7th grade English

These are just some of the ways you can bring the holiday season into your classroom this year – get creative! Follow us on Facebook for more creative ideas from fellow teachers.

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