Lesson Plan: Ready to Hit the Target

PE Lesson Plan

Personal goals are essential in nearly every aspect of life. Help your students in grades K-8 understand that value as they apply it to PE. This lesson plan includes specific learning activities and a chart for students to chart their progress.


Teaching Students to Go for Their Goals

Our popular course Game On! Getting Kids Pumped in P.E. Class shows how to get kids motivated in P.E. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation come into play as students learn about physiological, mental, and emotional benefits of physical activity, building skills and habits that will last a lifetime. 

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Engaging Warm Up Activities for PE Class

Every PE class should begin with warm up activities; they prepare the body for activity and are an excellent opportunity to improve your students’ speed and agility. Focusing on them increases success in sports and reduces likeliness of injury, regardless of your students’ skill levels. The following warm up activities are designed to enhance your students’ speed and agility [...]

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