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Advice for teachers is a dime a dozen. But how do you know if the latest conference session or TikTok video will truly make a difference in your life and teaching practice?

Teachers need tools that they know will work—fast. That’s why we’ve assembled graduate-level strategies in an easy-to-use downloadable toolkit that will help improve teaching practices today. These techniques and resources have been expertly curated and vetted by K–12 educators with years of experience creating high-caliber professional development—striking the right balance between research-based rigor and bite-size, actionable advice that fits a teacher’s busy schedule.

Use this 17-page guide as a reference, 30 minutes of professional development reading, or a series of exercises you can come back to all semester long.

What’s in the toolkit?

The Educator Wellness Toolkit will help you:

  • Identify your stress triggers (and know what to do about them).
  • Use mindfulness practices to stay calm and collected.
  • Appropriately vent frustrations.
  • Say “no” even to people you like and respect.
  • Care for your body amid a packed schedule.
  • Grow in your field while maintaining balance with the rest of your life.

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