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This back to school season, Advancement Courses donated 10% of all sales to projects, partnering with the online charity to help students and teachers in need. We were honored to give back and support some of the many dedicated and inspiring educators who do such important work in our schools.

Active Seating for Active Learners

Sugar Land, TX
We helped provide Hokki Stools and wobble cushions so they can move and wiggle while learning.

Science is Experimental

Bunn, NC
We helped provide "hands-on" science experiments.

Shirts Required

Hesperia, CA
We helped provide 30 t-shirts.

Sharing Our Learning With Each Other

Saint Paul, MN
We helped provide a portable LCD projector to connect their iPads, computers, a projection screen, adapters, and protection plan.

Never Say "I Can't" - Always Say "I'll Try"

White Lake, MI
We helped provide 2 Kindle Fires, 2 Razor scooters and 2 scooter helmets.

The Love of 24

Saxton, PA
We helped provide fraction dominoes, 24 Tournament Kit, 24 variables, learning resource gallon set, fraction matching, magnetic fraction circles, fraction tiles, and a 24 set.

Making Memories That Will Last A Lifetime!

Staten Island, NY
We helped provide 2 updated cameras, memory cards, batteries, and cases for a yearbook class.

Student Government: Documenting Action

Fort Lauderdale, FL
We helped provide a Canon digital camera.

Seeking Success for Struggling Readers

Omaha, NE
We helped provide a classroom subscription to Scholastic Action magazine.

Fueling Our Minds And Classroom For The Year, Part 1

Whitestone, NY
We helped provide toner, paper, a drum unit, paper trimmer and scissors.

Camp "Read A Lot!"-Give Us An R for Reading Readiness!

Collinsville, IL
We helped provide alphabet pebbles, sand trays, Mangatabs and DVDs.

TK/K Looking For The Write Stuff!

Fresno, CA
We helped provide paper organization cubbies, writing prompts journals, and literacy-learning tools like stamps and letter-tracing tools.

Scholastic News Investigation 6th Grade

Murray, UT
We helped provide a subscription to Scholastic News.

Materials to Help My Kids & Their Families Start the Year

Brooklyn, NY
We helped provide basic classroom materials including pens, pencils, markers, paper, scissors and highlighters.

Financial Literacy Equals Fun, Fun, Fun!

Amory, MS
We helped provide a Samsung Galaxy tablet with case and two Hokki Stools for a financial literacy center.

Science Students Need Classroom Materials and Rewards!!

Fayetteville, NC
We helped provide simple machine lab sets, markers for the board, a desk chair, and candy for rewards.

Enhancing Independence Through Technology

Spartanburg, SC
We helped provide a desktop computer.

Materials For Integrating Mathematics Into Art

Fraser, MI
We helped provide books and a curtain.

Help My Students Help Children in Ethiopia

Baltimore, MD
We helped provide a sponsorship for supporting 22 children in Ethiopia for the Memory Project.

Strengthening Our Cougar Community

Emmet, ID
We helped provide games like Scrabble Slam cards, Jenga, puzzles, UNO and brainteasers.

STEM for Foster Youth in a Juvenile Court School

Sacramento, CA
We helped provide a laser printer and camera for Project Lead the Way Stem education.

Game Design Upgrade

Phoenix, AZ
We helped provide 3 copies of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for game design.

Breaking Free from the Chains that Bind

South Bend, IN
We helped provide 50 copies of Sold to improve literacy, support social justice, and gain background knowledge about child sex trafficking.

Additional Supplies for Sensory and English Language Learners

Everett, WA
We helped provide a color printer along with some sensory items like bouncy bands and manipulatives.

Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot

Sophia, NC
We helped provide a Dot and Dash Wonder Pack.

Let Us Play!

Los Angeles, CA
We helped provide a collection of twenty logic and problem-solving games.

We Want To Become Better Readers!!

Amory, MS
We helped provide bulletin board sets, sets to build words and sentences, test workbooks, and transparent film covers.

Getting Fit in First Grade!!

Odenton, MD
We helped provide 1 set of sand toys, 12 jump ropes, 6 foam flyers and other outdoor toys.

Bob the Builders, Engineers & Architects

Philadelphia, PA
We helped provide Magna-Tiles and Crystal Climbers.

Growing Our Minds- Implementing a Growth Mindset Classroom

Sioux City, IA
We helped provide books that will foster a growth mindset classroom where students will learn that it is okay to make mistakes and our brain grows as we learn new things.

Math, Math, and More Math

Abbeville, AL
We helped provide center games for math.

Wonderful World of Reading-Kindergarten

Phenix City, AL
We helped provide a wide assortment of leveled books to enhance our classroom library, including fiction and nonfiction.

Class Library Book Boxes

Florence, SC
We helped provide book boxes, large classroom bins, and small storage bins.

Scientific Color

Forest Hills, NY
We helped provide a multi-functional printer to create and print projects and homework.

Let's "Hokki" Around!!

Brooklyn, NY
We helped provide Hokki Stools to help students who have special needs.

Another Point of View

Collinsville, IL
We helped provide reader's theater scripts, fairy tales and fractured fairy tales to discuss the literary element of point of view.

Tablets For Urban Students - Part 3

Sunrise, FL
We helped provide 2 Amazon Fire HD tablets for research, reading, and online education.

Kindles in the Classroom

Marysville, WA
We helped provide a Kindle Fire and a Kid-Proof Case.

Walk Through History!

Costa Mesa, CA
We helped provide participation in the Walk Through the American Revolution Program provided by California Weekly Explorer.

The Adventure of Science

Glendale, AZ
We helped provide Elementary Science Instant Learning Center and three magnetic bins.

Building Blocks of Literacy

Racine, WI
We helped provide rubber stamps, activity tins and sorting centers.

Supplies for School

Arden, NC
We helped provide 6 red book bins, 2 Osmo numbers games and an ACC Mini Pennant Set.

Reading is FUNdemental

Reading, PA
We helped provide the "Help-Yourself Book boxes."

Baggage Claim: Reclaiming Emotions with a Relaxation Station

Stamford, CT
We helped provide a comfortable area for reflection including a cushion, timer, and fidget toys such as stress balls.

Fine Motor Fun for Children with Autism

Brooklyn, NY
We helped provide fine motor jars, fine motor tweezer tongs, bead sequencing kit, and peg number boards.

We Need Brain Pop Jr.

Walnut Creek, OH
We helped provide a one year subscription to Brain Pop Jr.

Keep Kindergarten Fun and Engaging with Authentic Learning!

Pemberton, NJ
We helped provide magna-tiles, brick building table, tub of cars and trucks, community people, community signs, word building puzzles and a carpet.

NGSS/STEM: Turning Sludge Into Drinking Water

Tracy, CA
We helped provide hot plates and 2 types of flasks.

Coding Makes the Classroom Go 'Round

Los Angeles, CA
We helped provide 2 desktop computers, Help Your Kids with Computer Coding, and Coding for Beginners in Easy Steps.

Homo Sapien Body Systems

Brooklyn, NY
We helped provide models of the kidney, heart, hand and skeleton of the human anatomy.

Hello Dolly!!

New Haven, CT
We helped provide a music stand Storage Cart.

Making Learning Fun With a Telephone!

Brooklyn, NY
We helped provide pvc piping and 90 degree elbow piping.

Reading is Thinking!

Kingwood, TX
We helped provide 8 Language Instant Learning Centers and 6 Building Vocabulary Listening Center Skill Packs.

E Is For Eggspert Where Learning Is Exciting!

Spring Lake, UT
We helped provide Eggspert, a motivational answer system for reviews, as well as other engaging science and math learning tools such as whiteboards and dice.

We've Got the Beat!

Hayward, CA
We helped provide 4 large tubanos, 2 talking drums and a shakere.

Creative Storytelling with Braidy!

Ashford, CT
We helped provide a new Braidy doll, Build-A-Braidy kits, and information on using these tools.

Bringing Real Forensics Experiences to the Classroom

Philadelphia, PA
We helped provide an Electrophoresis kit and an Entomology kit.

Independence is the Goal!

Brooklyn, NY
We helped provide Ready to go Learning Packs and Language Learning Centers.


Clermont, FL
We helped provide STEM activities, such as the Ball Transfer Game and Engino Pulleys, for STEM Lab.

Smart Art with Future Picassos!

Queens, NY
We helped provide art supplies such as watercolor paint, modeling clay, glue, wiggly eyes, clear adhesive roll and tape.

Our School "Museum of Literature"

Hemingway, SC
We helped provide basic supplies such as 50 Corrugate Tri-Folds, a classpack of Construction Paper and an Electric Pencil Sharpener.

Increase Learning Opportunities For Special Students!

Portland, OR
We helped provide a rug, sensory materials, games, engaging hands-on instructional materials, and materials that improve functional academic skills.

Read, Baby, Read with Graphic Novels - Strong Female Leads

New Orleans, LA
We helped provide great books including graphic novels by Raina Telgameier and the Goosebumps Graphix.

College Ready with Civil Rights & Civil Liberties

Brighton, MA
We helped provide index cards, markers, and book rings, planners, DVDs, and speakers.

A Titanic Book Club

La Fayette, NY
We helped provide Titanic books and snacks for our Brown Bag Book Club.

Document Camera

Saxton, PA
We helped provide a document camera for viewing and sharing classroom activities and worksheets.

Dolphin Depot For Financial Literacy - Part Two

Sunrise, FL
We helped provide money books, storage bins, erasers, sun glasses, pencils, and other great rewards for a school store.

National Parks Captivate

Los Angeles, CA
We helped provide guide books on America's national parks, a computer for research, and a microphone to record PSAs.

Exercise Balls

Shady Spring, WV
We helped provide exercise balls to use in place of chairs.

Exercise Balls

Shady Spring, WV
We helped provide exercise balls to use in place of chairs.

The 4 Rs: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Robots!

Phenix City, AL
We helped provide the Wonder Workshop Wonder Pack.

Interesting Books for Science Class

Salem, OR
We helped provide non-fiction books about science topics like energy and force.

Developing English Language Proficiency Skills for ELLs

Reading, PA
We helped provide one iPad.

Organizing Our Thinking!

Lowell, MA
We helped provide 20 Drawer Plastic Mobile Organizer.

Enhancing Our Social Studies Knowledge as a Team!

Melbourne, FL
We helped provide a weekly Fifth Grade Social Studies magazine.

Team Sports...A Win-Win for All!

Hosford, FL
We helped provide volleyball, softball, and baseball equipment.

Green Team: Solar Race Car Night

Harper Woods, MI
We helped provide 20 Super Solar Race Cars.

Know the News

Grand Prairie, TX
We helped provide 22 subscriptions to Scholastic News.

Boogie Boards: Take 2

Batesville, AR
We helped provide nine boogie boards and nine protective sleeves.

We Want to Know the Ending! Class Set of Max the Mighty.

Highland, CA
We helped provide a class set of Rodman Philbrick Max the Mighty.

Building, Creating, and Collaborating in First Grade!

St Augustine, FL
We helped provide a STEM Bundle which contains materials to design their own raft, create a leak proof roof, build a parachute, and more.

Leveled Reading for Diverse Learners!

Claremont, NC
We helped provide PACKable backpacks with leveled books.

Tablets for the Island

Florence, SC
We helped provide 2 tablets for Study Island.

Thinking Green with Great Books and Rachel Carson

Stella, MO
We helped provide copies of the student books and journals in the Junior Great Books Series, books about Rachel Carson and animals, and watercolor pencils.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words!

North Hollywood, CA
We helped provide a digital camera.

Ms. Summey's Classical and Cultural Reading Project

Newark, NJ
We helped provide 80 books.

Eurydice - Creating Your Underworld

Doral, FL
We helped provide four stepladders, a hand well pump, and two shower curtains with rods.

iPads for Middle School Autistic Students

Williamsport, PA
We helped provide 2 iPad minis.

English Learners Meet The Mark With Hot Dots

Bronx, NY
We helped provide a set of interactive pens, batteries, and cards.

STEM Kits for Budding Engineers

Sonora, CA
We helped provide a STEM Bundle Kit Grade 2-3.

Makers Want To Use Makey Makey

Clermont, FL
We helped provide six Joylabz Makey Makey An Invention for Everyone Science Kits.

Cooking With Pre-Kinders

Deltona, FL
We helped provide a microwave, an iPad tablet and an Otter Box to protect the iPad.

Kindergarten Zoo Phonics Literature Part 1

Aurburn, CA
We helped provide 21 curriculum books.

John Lewis: Help Us Read the Book and Meet the Man

Ogden, UT
We helped provide 25 copies of John Lewis's graphic novel, March: Book One.

Raise Your Hand If You Love Math!

Durham, NC
We helped provide Count & Compare Centers, Spin & Count Centers, and Numbers & Counting Magnetic Tins.

Bring Outdoor Adventure to the Inner-City

Jersey City, NJ
We helped provide an outdoor adventure that is accessible to scores of them to experience rappelling.

Innovative Teaching With Osmo

Corp Christi, TX
We helped provide 2 Osmo game systems.

Support My Kindergartners as They Learn a New Language!

Jackson, TN
We helped provide a printer, paper, laminator and laminating pouches.

Trash, Waves, and the Ocean

Phoenix, AZ
We helped provide laboratory investigations for ocean science.

Exceptional Entrepreneurs Eager for Employment Opportunity

Clarkdale, MS
We helped provide a Keurig, a cake pop maker, a variety of beverages and supplies such as cups, stirrers, and napkins.

A Magical Book for Creative Thinkers

Laurel, DE
We helped provide a class set of this amazing literary experience, including two copies in Spanish and one in French.

It's Good to Be Green

Kansas City, KS
We helped provide 45 recycling containers for classrooms and 5 larger recycling containers for hallways.

Strength and Success Through Supplies

Whitestone, NY
We helped provide notebooks, folders, and tissues.

Inspiring Life Long Readers and Writers Through Mentor Texts

Montclair, CA
We helped provide vocabulary and writing mentor texts.

Stand Up To Learn

Harper Woods, MI
We helped provide a desk that allows students to stand while working.

Kindergarten Hands-On Math Work Stations

Federal Way, WA
We helped provide math picture books, tubs for setting up math work stations, and hands-on math activities.

Focusing in on Busy Learners

Fort Washakie, WY
We helped provide 16 exercise balls.

Engaging Engineers

Arlee, MT
We helped provide a robotics kit.

First Grade Super Powers: Sight Words Recognition

Jennings, MO
We helped provide sight word readers, sight word poems, and other sight word building materials.

Building a Biography Bookshelf

Nashua, NH
We helped provide a variety of biographies such as I am Jackie Robinson, Nelson Mandela, and Grandfather Gandhi.

A 21st-Century Recorder for Every Student

Oak Harbor, WA
We helped provide three class sets of excellent recorders.

3rd Grade Classroom Reading Corner

Sparta, MI
We helped provide a classroom reading area which includes a rug, 3 fun bungee chairs and 54 book baskets.

Ready, Set, Go-Getting Ready for a New School Year!

Downey, CA
We helped provide ten-frame answer boards, supply caddies and walking ropes.

Stackin' Up Rhythms

Grand Prairie, TX
We helped provide 10 Jenga games for a hands-on way to practice rhythms.

One Million Words Challenge!

Clermont, FL
We helped provide popular, high-interest novels for the classroom library.

Let's Dig In!

Greenville, MI
We helped provide pretend snow, kinetic sand, dried peas and rubber duckies for the sensory table.

Kinder Organization and Materials

Anchorage, AK
We helped provide storage totes, sand timers, bean bags with letters and numbers, and scented markers.

Help Our High Need Readers Grow!

Saint Louis, MO
We helped provide a strong selection of high interest books for ELL and special needs students.

I Can Hear Clearly Now The Sound Is On!

Corp Christi, TX
We helped provide headphones, headphone covers and a headphone splitter.

Catching Some Natural History Selfies!

Philadelphia, PA
We helped provide 8 camera traps.

Creative and Crafty in Kindergarten

Freeport, IL
We helped provide novelty blocks, scissors, game buzzers, and paint.

Cooperation is the Key to Success

Methuen, MA
We helped provide books by Kevin Henkes about cooperation and friendship, as well as playground balls and equipment.

Non-fiction Newsies!

Bridgeport, CT
We helped provide a monthly class set of "Let's Find Out, Kindergarten!" Scholastic non-fiction magazines.

Literacy and Numeracy Support in Pre-k!

Newport News, VA
We helped provide counters, alphabet beads, magnetic alphabet and various literacy and numeracy materials.

Help Us Focus On Learning!

Jackson, TN
We helped provide six Hokki Stools.

Make Room for Makerspaces!

Kealakekua, HI
We helped provide books, Legos, robots, and whiteboards, as well as building, engineering, and craft supplies.

Sculpey Easter Island Project

N Las Vegas, NV
We helped provide Sculpey polymer clay.

We Need "Vision" to Succeed

Providence, RI
We helped provide an accurate annual vision test.

RMS and Dick's Sporting Goods, What a TEAM!

Memphis, TN
We helped provide Soccer Skillastics, the Xtreme Math Soccer Basic Kit, a box of compass pencils and other items pertaining to math and our awesome sport of soccer!

Building a Bright Future with STEM!

Philadelphia, PA
We helped provide STEM kids and Interactive Whiteboard STEM activities.

Banishing Writer's Block with LEGO Bricks!

Chelsea, MA
We helped provide a Lego StoryStarter classroom pack, and the Space, Fairy Tale, and Community expansion packs.

Special Materials for Special Needs

Kansas City, KS
We helped provide materials like Timed Math Drills and Bouncy Bands for Desks.

Interactive Notebooks

Alexandria, VA
We helped provide notebooks, dividers, colored pencils, scissors and glue.

Keep Us in Your Memory!

McKeesport, PA
We helped provide 75 flash drives.

Empowering Readers

Savannah, GA
We helped provide books to improve literacy, book bins, floor cushions and a rocking chair.

Kindergarten Hands-On Math Work Stations

Federal Way, WA
We helped provide materials and storage for our new math learning centers, manipulatives, games and books.

Help Me Teach Math!

Toccoa, GA
We helped provide a variety of math manipulatives and resources.

3D Scanning and Design: A STEM Club

Parshall, ND
We helped provide a 3D scanner.

Gardening for Lifelong Skills

Wagner, SD
We helped provide seeds, pots, drip trays, hoses with sprayers, a shade cover, and a mobile thermometer.

Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts

Crossville, AL
We helped provide jelly roll fabric swatches and quilt books.

Dash (and Dot) to Coding Success!

S Burlington, VT
We helped provide 2 Dash & Dot Wonder Packs.

Reading and Podcasting to Empower Our Youth

Salt Lake City, UT
We helped provide 24 more books, 3 Tascam audio recorders and a Snowball microphone.

Prepped for First Grade!

Newark, NJ
We helped provide portfolio folders, pencils, pencil cases, crayons, and journals.

Ready to Learn Rug

Osceola, IA
We helped provide an alphabet activity carpet.

Dr. Seuss Collection for a Special Needs Library!

Sante Fe, NM
We helped provide Dr. Seuss books for a new library.

Students Artfully Thinking!

Hanover, MD
We helped provide art prints and multicultural art materials like multicultural markers, paper faces and people colored pencils.

It’s Always Book O’Clock!

Richmond, CA
We helped provide bilingual board books.

Casting Call for Success!

Troy, NY
We helped provide body casting materials, mixing bowls and paint brushes as well as protective gloves and gear.

Expressing hearts without words, one masterpiece at a time

Clear Creek, WV
We helped provide paint, canvases, paint brushes and paint trays.

Stress Free College Application Zone

Houston, TX
We helped provide bean bag chairs, therapy lamp, and electric kettle.

The MC2 STEM Yoga & Meditation Project

E Cleveland, OH
We helped provide 20 yoga blocks, 15 straps, 15 blankets, 15 cushions and one Tibetan singing bowl.

Back to School Basics

Chester SPRGS, PA
We helped provide additional resources (Common Core Math 4 today grades 4 and 5, and Storyworks).

Keeping Up With The World Around Us!

Groveland, FL
We helped provide tablets and TIME magazine.

Help Save Lives With CPR Training!

Philadelphia, PA
We helped provide CPR 7 pack mannequin trainers and 2 first aid CPR DVD's.

Learning to Write Through Our Mentors

Greenville, MI
We helped provide mentor books like "What do Authors Do?" To assist with their Writer's Workshop including fiction, nonfiction, how-to and drawing books.

Hocus Pocus: We Want to Focus!

Old Fort, NC
We helped provide stability balls, wobble cushions, and an air pump.

Listen to Reading

Smithfield, NC
We helped provide 3 MP3 player with headphones and a splitter, along with three audio books.

Classroom Supplies for Interactive Notebooks

Fayetteville, NC
We helped provide basic classroom materials such as notebooks, paper, or pencils.

Technology, Science, and Reading: Oh My!

Lancaster, CA
We helped provide hand-held technology (iPad and iPod Touch).

Who? What? Where?

Everman, TX
We helped provide historical reference books.

The Future Begins Here!

Blackfoot, ID
We helped provide batteries, 20 clipboards, a 3 hole punch, and double stick tape.

It’s All Greek To Me! Studying Greek Myths in Second Grade

Chicago, IL
We helped provide non-fiction books on Ancient Greek culture and Greek myths and activity books on Greek life.

Help Create Endless Learning Possibilities with Osmo!

New Haven, CT
We helped provide the Osmo for the newest technology.

The Kindness of Strangers

New York City, NY
We helped provide a laptop and a leveled library beginning with basic phonics and progressing to stories and joke books.

Cheerleading Safety Mats

Edgar, LA
We helped provide 2 safety mats.

Graphically Addicted to Graphic Novels

Saint Louis, MO
We helped provide new graphic novels.

STEAM in Science Class

New York City, NY
We helped provide materials for two STEAM projects: a force and motion project about Cuba's 1950s cars and a living environment project about Cuba's biodiversity.

Learning Through Art

Costa Mesa, CA
We helped provide colored pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, crayons, paint brushes and sketch books.

Extreme Home Makeover: Dragon’s Den Edition!

Queens, NY
We helped provide a terrarium, environmental decor, and a new biorb aquarium.

Reflex Math will Lock In the Facts!

Waukegan, IL
We helped provide a classroom subscription to this excellent computer program.

Keep The Spark Going! GMS Reads

Revere, MA
We helped provide fiction and nonfiction books and book sets including Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The One and Only Ivan, Where She Went, and The Darkest Part of the Forest.

Capturing Readers through Comic Books

Mansfield, TX
We helped provide Toon Into Comics Genre Study Deluxe set.

Sports Equipment for Eager Athletes

Lancaster, CA
We helped provide basic athletic supplies (volleyball, soccer ball and basketball) as well as a tablet.

We Need a Portable Radio!

Watertown, NY
We helped provide a radio, high power batteries and a charger.

Financial Literacy is Key to Success!

North Carolina
We helped provide 4 different kinds of reward stickers, 3 packs of colored pens, and a desk chair.

Students in Motion

Boston, MA
We helped provide 8 DeskCycle exercise bikes.

Dissecting Supplies for Zoology

Pueblo West, CO
We helped provide sharks for dissection.

Let’s Make Math Fun! Wait, What? Math, Fun?

Brockton, MA
We helped provide coloring supplies, scissors, and glue sticks.

Bring Us Bongo Boy!

Indianapolis, IN
We helped provide a drum circle workshop.

Little Artists, Big Dreams

Waite Park, MN
We helped provide canvases, finger paint, canvas bags, markers, and paint trays.

Title I School, Growing Scientists

Glen Burnie, MD
We helped provide hands-on science activities, like magnetic tools, a science discovery chest, and books about sea life and insects.

Dream Come True

Oregon City, OR
We helped provide an iPad with case, 2 Kore Wobble Stools, placemats and aprons, scrapbook paper, a vinyl cutter and vinyl plus blank items to embellish and money centers.

Life As We Know It

Middletown, CT
We helped provide a plants and animals curriculum mastery game and an EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem.

New Grade = New Books Needed!

East Moline, IL
We helped provide a variety of books that are at grade level or above.

Constitution Quest: Making the Constitution Fun

Du Bois, PA
We helped provide 8 Constitution Quest board games.

Starting a Jazz Band and Need an Electric Bass

District Hts, MD
We helped provide an electric bass.

CSI Cyber: Cracking the Programming Code

Lawndale, CA
We helped provide EasyLinks, Logger Pro 3 and Forensics with Vernier for Forensic Science laboratory activities.

Technology is Everywhere

White Lake, MI
We helped provide a Chromebook.

Build, Make, Create: Constructive Learning in the Library

Spartanburg, SC
We helped provide blocks, Legos, and Magna-Tiles.

Listening Center

Waterbury, CT
We helped provide a library of read-alongs, microphones, a CD player, and a junction box.

Create and Explore Maker Space for first Grade

Springfield, MO
We helped provide hands-on activities such as the marble run, wooden connecting set and create a maze for our maker space along with art supplies to express creativity.

Exploring Physical Computing

Yorktown Hts, NY
We helped provide supplies for our 3D printer, and new items for our makerspace.

Help Kickstart An AP Biology Course

Philadelphia, PA
We helped provide AP Biology Lab Kits.

Team Sports!

Modesto, CA
We helped provide a printer and printer ink.

Readers Are Leaders: Our Classroom Library Needs a Makeover

Boiling Spgs, SC
We helped provide 2 book shelves, 30 lower level-high interest books, and baskets.

Pursue What Makes You Giggle! with Project-Based Learning

Grand Rapids, MI
We helped provide 3Doodler pens and filament.

Seat Sacks for Super Students

Elyria, OH
We helped provide 10 seat sacks.

Don’t Count Us Out Yet! We Want To Learn How To Read! Part 2

New York City, NY
We helped provide year long subscriptions to Learning A-Z including and Headsprout.

Sensory Materials Needed For Special Needs Students - Part 3

New York City, NY
We helped provide sensory materials such as, a trampoline, a seat cushion, sensory balls, and fidget toys.

Materials for Meaningful Centers

Saint Louis, MO
We helped provide paper, ink, ink pads, letter stamps, and laminating sheets.

Hands-On Learning!

San Diego, CA
We helped provide two Following Directions building sets and one Building Fine Motor Skills game set.

New Year, New Needs

Berlin, WI
We helped provide glue sticks, card stock and healthy snacks.

Engaging with Chrome

Radford, VA
We helped provide a Chromebook.

Help Us Fight Bullying and Violence By Waging Peace!

Milwaukee, WI
We helped provide an anti-bullying presentation given by Serve2Unite.

Kindness is the Key

Evanston, IL
We helped provide Bullying Hurts, Teaching Kindness Through Read Alouds and Guided Conversations by Lester L. Laminack and Reba M. Wadsworth.

Three 'Cs' Through Art Integration

Spooner, WI
We helped provide a variety of art materials including markers, colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and chart paper.

Masks for Drama Class

Lancaster, CA
We helped provide mask making materials including paper masks, paint, decorations, glue, and elastic.

Yoga Mats for Awes-Om Kids!

New York City, NY
We helped provide a set of yoga mats and storage tubs.

Habla Espanol? Not Yet!

Omaha, NE
We helped provide Rosetta Stone Spanish Interactive Software.

Cryptids: Creatures of Legends

Lexington, KY
We helped provide books and materials dealing with cryptids as well as a wireless clicker and pointer.

Healthy Learning Starts in Pre-K

Deltona, FL
We helped provide a Sun Shade Sail Kit, refrigerators, Aero Garden Herb Garden, Kidoozie Pogo Jumpers, and a Yalabs Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball.

What "Eye" See Are Interactive Notebooks!

McKeesport, PA
We helped provide glue, pens, pencils, scissors, highlighters, crayons, notebooks, storage, erasers, a pencil sharpener and fasteners.

Help Keep Us Sharp!

New York City, NY
We helped provide pencils and a classroom sharpener.

Help Me To Teach Kids To Control Their Emotions

Brownville, ME
We helped provide a Second Step Early Learning Kit

Archaeology: STEM at Fort Washita

Jay, OK
We helped provide a GoPro, drones, and Google Cardboard.

Cranial Connections: Dissecting A Sheep Brain

Katy, TX
We helped provide sheep brain dissection kits, dissections mats, and a sheep brain guide book.

Necessities for a New School Year

McKeesport, PA
We helped provide highlighters, pencils, markers, and other general school supplies for day to day activities within the classroom.

Seeing is Believing/ Scientific Inquiry at its Best

Castroville, CA
We helped provide microscopes and microscope slides.

More Math Games, Please!

Chester, VA
We helped provide six Grab and Match leveled math games.

Building Character Books for 2nd Grade Characters

Marshall, MN
We helped provide books that help encourage character building and use of appropriate social skills.

Lights, Camera, Action

Forsyth, GA
We helped provide a lighting kit, backgrounds, and a microphone.

Learning Mathematics the Hands-On Way

Spokane Vly, WA
We helped provide a class set of Rekenreks.

Traveling To Our Economic Past!

Ozark, AR
We helped provide a field trip to the Fort Smith Historic Site.

STEM Through Technology - Part 2

Arleta, CA
We helped provide an mini iPad, an iPad cover, and a bluetooth speaker.

Eager Readers Need Books

Arlington, VA
We helped provide engaging books such as Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 1, Diary Of A Minecraft Enderman, and The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-Ups.

Fun with Hands-On Chemistry

Chicago, IL
We helped provide lab kits, such as Discovering the Periodic Table, Types of Chemical Reactions, etc.

Let's Build Better Problem Solving Skills With LEGOS

Hawthorne, CA
We helped provide a MoreToMath Classroom LEGO EDucations Pack and a LearnToLearn Core Set and Curriculum.
We believe #everyclassroomcounts
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Hear what the teachers had to say...
Thank you for supporting a DC project for a coworker! It was one we wrote together! We will post progress of our project throughout the year! Your support is amazing!
Holly Hunt
Thank you very much for donating to my project to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) materials to my first grade classroom! My students are so excited to have these hands-on activities in their own hands! Thank you for making a BIG difference in so many classrooms across the country!
Lori Nichols
Thank you for featuring my project during your month long giving promotion. We fully funded today! Your very generous donation was a big help toward completing the project. Thanks for helping our classroom Dream Come True!
Becki Sekerak
Thank you so much for supporting my project! Your campaign is an impressive one, and my students appreciate the support! Thank you again!
Lisa Marie
Thank you Advancement Courses for giving us the boost we needed! Our project funded tonight, and I give a lot of credit to you for making it happen. You should just see my first graders use our student response system. They amaze me every day. Now we'll have the supplies we need to keep it going all year long. Thanks again!
Melissa Hunt
Thank you for donating to our Donors Choose project today!!! What a great way to end a long day!! Coming home to a donation to our project put a smile on my face! THANK YOU!!!
Lenea Martel
THANK YOU SO MUCH for donating to my classroom project! I am floored by your generous donation!
Lisa Siciliano
Thank you Advancement Courses for your generous Donor's Choose donation! I am so happy to say that your support helped to fulfill my project smile emoticon Looking forward to starting another awesome school year!!
Kristyn D’Andrea
Thank you very much advancement placement for supporting my classroom and making sure #everyclassroomcounts. Your generosity will touch the lives of 22 kindergarten children.
Oni Marie
Thank you so much for contributing to my project on donorschoose. I can't wait to give generously someday and be able to help others the way I've been helped in this career.
Maria Hardy
Thank you Advancement Courses for your support of project. I am happy to report it has been funded and my students will have the necessary supplies thanks to generous folks like you!
Jenna Whitney

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