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2015 - 2021
In 2015, Advancement Courses began donating 10% of all sales during each back to school season to DonorsChoose projects, partnering with the online charity to help students and teachers in need. We are honored to give back and support some of the many dedicated and inspiring educators who do such important work in our schools.
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From the usual to the unique, check out some of the many classroom materials provided by this year’s campaign
8 Musical Instruments
2,798 Snacks
400 Masks
16 Bean Bag Chairs
1 Human Skeleton Model
396 Fidget Toys
1 Bearded Dragon Terrarium
14 Stress Balls
20 Yoga Mats
Hear what the teachers had to say...
Thank you for supporting a DC project for a coworker! It was one we wrote together! We will post progress of our project throughout the year! Your support is amazing!
Holly Hunt
Thank you very much for donating to my project to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) materials to my first grade classroom! My students are so excited to have these hands-on activities in their own hands! Thank you for making a BIG difference in so many classrooms across the country!
Lori Nichols
Thank you for featuring my project during your month long giving promotion. We fully funded today! Your very generous donation was a big help toward completing the project. Thanks for helping our classroom Dream Come True!
Becki Sekerak
Thank you so much for supporting my project! Your campaign is an impressive one, and my students appreciate the support! Thank you again!
Lisa Marie
Thank you Advancement Courses for giving us the boost we needed! Our project funded tonight, and I give a lot of credit to you for making it happen. You should just see my first graders use our student response system. They amaze me every day. Now we'll have the supplies we need to keep it going all year long. Thanks again!
Melissa Hunt
Thank you for donating to our Donors Choose project today!!! What a great way to end a long day!! Coming home to a donation to our project put a smile on my face! THANK YOU!!!
Lenea Martel
THANK YOU SO MUCH for donating to my classroom project! I am floored by your generous donation!
Lisa Siciliano
Thank you Advancement Courses for your generous Donor's Choose donation! I am so happy to say that your support helped to fulfill my project smile emoticon Looking forward to starting another awesome school year!!
Kristyn D’Andrea
Thank you very much advancement placement for supporting my classroom and making sure #everyclassroomcounts. Your generosity will touch the lives of 22 kindergarten children.
Oni Marie
Thank you so much for contributing to my project on donorschoose. I can't wait to give generously someday and be able to help others the way I've been helped in this career.
Maria Hardy
Thank you Advancement Courses for your support of my donorschoose project. I am happy to report it has been funded and my students will have the necessary supplies thanks to generous folks like you!
Jenna Whitney
Take a look at the infographics from past years to see how we’ve helped classrooms thrive.
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Check out DonorsChoose to find more classrooms you can help out.


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