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Partnership Opportunities

For institutions that want to help teachers continue their education, maintain licensure, and advance their careers, a partnership with Advancement Courses can help. Our direct-to-district partnerships enable institutions like yours to serve more students, broaden your course offerings, and become a lifelong provider for your alumni network, all at a minimal investment.

Because our business model is built on these partnerships, we pay universities to validate our work and endorse the credit, so institutions like yours can fulfill their educational mission. We also develop, deliver, and facilitate courses, and design them to meet your institution’s high standards for quality.

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Why Advancement Courses

Teachers deserve access to high-quality continuing education, at a price they can afford. Advancement Courses, which provides expertly crafted courses designed by teachers, for teachers, is committed to offering relevant, practical knowledge that teachers can immediately apply to their practice. We offer graduate-level professional development for K-12 teachers that focuses on relevant, immediately applicable knowledge designed for the modern classroom. Our courses feature:

Universal Design principles

91.2% completion rate

Peer interaction

Customized options available

Facilitation from expert instructors with over a decade of experience

280+ Courses | 14 Subject Areas | Expert Instruction

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