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Much research has been done on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of professional development (PD) for teachers in the U.S. However, not as much data exists about what teachers’ PD looks like. How much do schools spend, what topics are they choosing, and are school leaders and teachers satisfied with their options?

In this groundbreaking report, Professional Development for Teachers: What Schools Value and How They Invest gives school leaders a data- driven look at how their PD practices compare with schools across the nation. By clarifying what schools are doing currently, we hope to identify opportunities to create PD experiences that inspire teachers and improve the lives of the students they touch.

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Preview of Our Key Findings

Professional Development for Teachers delves into new research about schools’ PD practices and expenditures, and school leaders’ priorities for and satisfaction with their teachers’ current PD. Some of our key findings include:

  • Schools’ average PD spend per educator is inversely tied to the size of the district: The largest districts have the lowest cost per educator, and the smallest districts have the highest cost.
  • The source of PD funding makes a big difference in choice of PD and school leaders’ overall satisfaction in it.
  • Technology education is school leaders’ top choice for PD.
  • Despite higher rates of satisfaction with online trainings, most PD happens in person and on in-service days.
  • Although school leaders and teachers both desire teacher choice in PD, teachers rarely have input on what their PD is and whether they participate.
  • Most school leaders believe PD results in better teachers, but lack of time, money, and relevant PD options limit their ability to offer effective PD.

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Explore the State of Teachers' PD in U.S. Schools

This dynamic infographic explores the data and key findings of Professional Development for Teachers: What Schools Value and How They Invest. Find out how much schools spend on PD, how they deliver PD, and school leaders' priorities and challenges in selecting quality PD.

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About the Author

Krysia Lazarewicz

Krysia Lazarewicz is a long-term veteran of the education industry. She began her career working as a math and science teacher in various school settings, including parochial, rural, public urban, and independent boarding schools. Krysia left teaching in 2010 to focus on pedagogical training and online curriculum development for both higher education faculty and K–12 professional development.

Krysia formerly led the Advancement Courses business, focusing on the teaching experience and teacher retention through quality professional development. She is passionate about supporting educators and helping school systems find long-term, sustainable solutions to help teaching become a career-long choice for amazing educators. Krysia obtained her B.A. in biology and women’s studies from Bowdoin College and her M.Ed. from Shady Hill School Teacher Training courses in combination with Lesley University.

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