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According to the National Education Association, teachers are bringing home $2,179 less than they did a decade ago, when adjusted for inflation. And with the cost of goods rising every day, the gap is only getting worse.

There are many factors outside of your control—but one thing that IS under your control is the ability to advance on your district’s salary scale.

In most school districts around the country, earning graduate credits is the primary way to advance on an educator’s salary schedule. That means earning graduate credits pays off in real dollars — fast.

Take Worcester, Massachusetts, for example. A teacher’s first lane change, from bachelor’s degree to BA +15, comes with a raise of $2,462 per year — which is less than the cost of 15 graduate credits taken through Advancement Courses.

That means you’ll earn back what you pay for PD in less than a year! And every year after that means thousands extra in your pocket.

Worcester, MA: A Case Study

Based on Step 1 salaries in the 2019–2020 school year
Bachelor’s Lane Change Master’s Lane Change
Bachelor’s Degree $48,310 Master’s Degree $54,650
BA +15 $50,772 MA +15 $56,058
Net gain in 2 years* + $2,679 + $517
Net gain in 5 years* + $10,065 + $4,795
Net gain in 10 years* + $22,375 + $11,835
Net gain in 20 years* + $46,995 + $25,915
* Salary gains calculated based on the cost of taking five 3-credit graduate-level courses at $449 per 3-credit course. Does not include raises based on tenure.

Payoff Both Inside and Outside the Classroom

“It wasn’t until I found Advancement Courses that I have been able to take college courses to improve my salary schedule position. Thank you so much for that.”

The benefits of PD go beyond dollars and cents. Building your professional skills simply makes teaching more enjoyable—whether it’s learning to lower your stress levels, improve student outcomes, or design the unique and interesting lessons you always dreamed about.

Your Path to a Pay Raise

Looking for the best way to maximize your paycheck in your district? Our Educator Services team can help. We’ll help you chart a personalized pathway to your next lane change.

Why Choose AC?

How It Works

  1. Find the right course for you.

    Search for specific topics or browse by subject, grade level, or popularity. Download the course syllabus for a deeper look.

    View Courses View Sample Syllabus (PDF)
  2. Choose your credit option.

    On the course page, select the type of credit you require depending on your professional needs and state/district requirements.

    Graduate Credit

    With graduate credit, select your preferred university partner from whom you’ll receive your official transcript. All our partners are CAEP and/or regionally accredited.

    Continuing Education

    For continuing education requirements, select the type of CE credit that’s right for your state/district.

    View State/District Requirements
  3. Get your grades and transcript.

    Complete your course - you have up to 6 months. Then receive your grades and feedback on your work. Depending on your credit choice, you’ll either receive a transcript/certificate of completion or request an official graduate transcript from the university partner you selected.

    View Sample Transcripts (PDF)
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