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I completed my master’s degree through a typical program... I have gotten way more out of these classes than I ever did from that program. I have utilized many of the things I learned in my teaching and curriculum and my students are better off for it.

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  • Accessible, self-paced PD available completely online that you can take anywhere, anytime.

  • Vast, customizable content catalog with flexible solutions tailored to fit your school’s specific needs.

  • Increase buy-in and morale by providing teacher choice while maintaining school/district oversight and strategic alignment.

  • Higher education rigor and quality designed specifically for the needs of schools, teachers, and the K-12 classroom. Graduate credit available from our CAEP/regionally-accredited university partners.

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According to the NWEA brief The COVID-19 Slide, students will return to school in the fall retaining only 70 percent of last year's reading gains and less than 50 percent of math gains. But academics is not the only area where teachers and students will struggle in the new school year. Many classrooms will continue to rely on technology as schools attempt to practice social distancing measures and brace for a possible second wave of infections. And that's to say nothing of the emotional weight everyone in the building will carry after months of stay-at-home orders, financial stressors, lost jobs, and health concerns.

  • Online Learning: Schools are facing technological needs that have never existed before in K-12 education. Even if teachers have never taught online or in a blended learning environment, our courses can help them implement blended learning and flipped classroom models, design online assessments, and use technology to support special student populations.
  • Emotional Support: Everyone in the building has spent months out of routine and under an incredible amount of stress. With courses on resiliency, overcoming trauma, and managing stress and anxiety, AC gives educators the tools they need to care for themselves and their students while getting back on track for academic success.
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At Advancement Courses, we're committed to helping teachers and school leaders battle against injustice and inequity through the power of education. Our courses can help you:

  • Identify inequities in your school.
  • Implement culturally responsive teaching strategies.
  • Create a safe, inviting, and celebratory space for diverse students.
  • Navigate discussions about traumatic events and difficult topics in history.

In addition to the courses below, in the coming months we'll be introducing even more courses on racial justice and equity, diversity, black history, and antiracism.

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Over 7 million students missed 15 or more days of school in 2015-16. That's 16 percent of the student population—or about 1 in 6 students. Minority students, English learners, and students with disabilities are even more likely to be chronically absent. Advancement Courses can help schools reduce absenteeism by addressing underlying and contributing issues such as health concerns, student disengagement, anxiety, fear of bullying, lack of transportation, homelessness, and implementing mentor programs.

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The focus on increasing graduation rates over the past two decades has seen the rate continue to inch higher in 2017, up to 84.6% from 84.1% in 2016. Many states have set even loftier four year and extended graduation rate targets, and Advancement Courses can help all schools improve by incorporating courses that focus on equity, educational gaps, and intervention.

  • Support the needs of the whole student, helping them with academic and emotional challenges that affect the ability to be promoted and graduate at grade-level
  • Reduce suspension rates through investments in SEL courses that help teachers support students with environmental and emotional factors
  • Focus on At Risk students and interventions geared towards improving reading, writing, and math for college readiness.
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A majority of states are now including curriculum or incorporating indicators of college and career-readiness in their accountability and improvement systems. Advancement Courses can help schools improve by facilitating access to high-quality materials, aligning curricula across grade levels, and providing professional development for teachers so they can better support college- and career-readiness programs. Our courses can also help teachers design and use performance assessments, including projects, portfolios, and extended-performance tasks that are encouraged under ESSA and allow students to apply what they are learning to real-world situations.

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The National School Climate Council defines school climate as the “quality and character of school life” based on the experiences of the students, parents, and school personnel, and including their goals, values, relationships, teaching practices, and organizational structures. It is often thought of as “how a school feels.”

Advancement Course can help build a positive school climate through professional development focused on: social-emotional learning for both students and teachers, refining their social and emotional competence; learning how to set and achieve positive goals, make responsible decisions, foster empathy, and develop positive relationships.

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From improving discipline issues to building a more positive school climate, schools are increasingly turning to social and emotional learning programs. Recognized as best practice based on decades of research and now considered part of a whole child education, incorporating SEL instruction has been shown to lead to everything from increased test scores and graduation rates to the improved social and emotional skills, habits, and mindsets that set students up for both academic and life success. Advancement Courses can help integrate social and emotional learning into every aspect of your school, from classroom instruction and infusion into academic content, to school climate and culture, with courses targeted both for students as well as teachers.

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According to the National Education Association, more than 40% of teachers leave the profession within the first five years. Teaching can be a rewarding, but difficult job - and being a new teacher can be particularly overwhelming. New teachers with inadequate preparation are 2 ½ times from likely to leave the classroom after one year compared to their better prepared peers. Studies show that mentoring, collaboration, extra resources and training can drastically reduce turnover, but just 3% of beginning teachers receive such support.

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Where to begin? Research has documented over 150 influences on learning, with a range of effects operating as catalysts for positive change in the classroom. Ultimately, our entire curriculum is connected to improving instruction, and a belief that professional development should always be directly related to the classroom. We base our approach to planning and building course offerings on classroom and school needs, trends in education, and continual feedback from teachers - regularly updating our existing catalog and developing new courses.

Course authors are content experts with extensive subject matter credentials and classroom experience who work closely with our development team to build an experience that is relevant, highly practical, and aligned with industry standards. Whether the focus is on pedagogy, specific teaching strategies, incorporating technology, classroom management, delving deeper into content areas, or how best to work with special populations, our courses are not just filled with innovative techniques, but also illustrate how to apply these tools in practice. With each course, teachers will develop tangible products such as lesson plans or assessments that can be immediately used in their own class.

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A recent Gallup poll indicates that almost half of the teachers in the U.S. say they “are actively looking for a different job now or watching for opportunities”. The resulting turnover impacts student performance and costs schools an estimated $7.3 billion each year. Teachers cite the challenging working conditions, often high stress, and lack of support, as top reasons for leaving the profession. 58 percent describe their mental health as “not good”, with nearly double the rate of stress experienced by the average worker. Over half agreed they no longer had the same level of enthusiasm as when they started.

But Advancement Courses can help teachers reignite their passion, better manage stress, tackle challenging situations, connect with their fellow teachers, feel supported in their continuing professional and personal growth - powering a healthy, grounded, inspired, and sustainable career in education.

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Schools and districts frequently target improving parent and community engagement, two goals often included in performance measurements at the state and federal level. Studies show that family involvement leads to higher likelihood of academic success at every grade level and reduced behavioral issues. Parents and the surrounding community however can be busy or unsure of how to best become involved. Some cite feeling unwelcome or uncomfortable in their child’s schools. Conversely, teachers can feel besieged by highly demanding parents. Advancement Courses can help schools bridge the gap and bring schools, parents, and their communities together to lead students on the path to greater success at school and beyond.

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Fostering student success in both academics and social-emotional growth is the main focus of all of our courses. Our courses are filled with strategies, techniques, and activities that are directly tied to improving student achievement. And because we believe that knowledge of special populations is integral to all subjects and grades, our courses also include direct strategies for working with these exceptional students (special needs, ELLs, G&T, and at-risk students).

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Bullying has become commonplace and systemic in our schools, and few, if any, are immune to its harmful effects. It can take on a multitude of forms: gossiping, teasing, verbal and physical intimidation, excluding, and physical violence. The devastating impact of bullying runs the gamut from mild psychological trauma to suicide and even homicide. Unfortunately, the internet and prevalence of social media has only intensified these hostile and destructive behaviors. Advancement Courses can help teachers learn how to identify and properly intervene, understand behavioural causes, address incidents, and move your school towards a culture of confidence and kindness.

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Since the Obama administration announced its 2009 "Educate to Innovate" campaign to motivate and inspire students to excel in STEM subjects, curriculum promoting the importance of educating students in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, both individually and in an interdisciplinary approach, has come to the forefront of many schools. STEM occupations out-earn other fields by 12-30% across all education levels, and have grown at three times the rate of on-STEM jobs. However despite an overarching goal to get American students from the middle of the pack in science and math to the top in the international arena, 78% of high school graduates still don’t reach the benchmark readiness for college courses in these areas. Advancement Courses shares in the need to better prepare future generations to meet the explosive growth and increasing demand, with a robust catalog of courses both within and across these disciplines.

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10 percent of all public school students in the United States are English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners or English Language Learners (ELLs), with limited English proficiency, but fewer than 1 percent of public school teachers are appropriately trained instructors. Our modern world of increased globalization, immigration,and cultural diversity has driven demand for teachers and skills that can meet the needs of this unique and growing set of learners.

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