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Teachers, advance your career this summer with Special Savings!

Choose from over 150 university-accredited, graduate-level, self-paced courses for teacher salary progression and recertification.

Just Released: New Courses on Teaching Math, The Common Core, and Special Needs
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$288 per 3-credit course

when you enroll in 3 or more courses*
Use code: Teacher20

Offer Expires July 31, 2014


$324 per 3-credit course

when you enroll in up to 2 courses*
Use code: Teacher10

Offer Expires July 31, 2014


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($360 before discount. Use codes above to Save!)

Why take our courses


Classroom Applicable

Expertly crafted courses that are meaningful, engaging, and immediately applicable to today’s classroom.


We’ve worked hard to offer our courses at competitive prices that include all credits, materials, and shipping.


Our coursework is not tied to a semester, can be completed anytime and anywhere, and offers six months in which to complete it.


Over 150 university-accredited, graduate-level courses in a broad range of relevant and timely subjects.


“Advancement Courses have been an important part of my development as a teacher. The classes allow me to follow my areas of interest while sticking to a budget. I recommend Advancement Courses to any professional looking to grow as an educator.”

John Healy, Middle School Science

*Coupon not valid on prior purchases and cannot be combined with other discounts. Discount valid on 3-credit courses only. Offer expires July 31, 2014. You can also enroll in any course by calling us at (800) 762-0121.

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