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Expertly crafted courses with real application in today’s classrooms

Over 25 years of experience has taught us what professional development should be

Our authors are expert teachers with extensive classroom experience who design each course to be meaningful, engaging, and classroom applicable. Courses are not just filled with innovative techniques and perspectives, but also show what these tools look like in practice. And with each course you’ll develop tangible products such as lesson plans, authentic assessments, or questioning techniques that can be immediately used in your own classroom.

Facilitation and feedback with every course

Experienced instructors guide you through your courses

With proven track records of supporting teachers across content areas and grade levels, our instructors guide learners through their courses by answering questions, offering detailed feedback on assignments, and more. Instructors have a deep understanding of national standards like the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, and feedback is always constructive, research-based, and thorough.

Over 200+ university-accredited courses for salary advancement and recertification

Take courses that match your interests and your budget

In our extensive catalog of university-accredited, graduate-level courses, you’ll find a diverse range of subjects, including Special Needs and Education, An Educator’s Guide to the Common Core, America’s Wars, Bullies, This Amazing Planet Earth, Problem Solving for Mathematics, and Rewiring Education. We’re also actively developing new, timely courses and updating our existing library based on trends in education and teacher feedback. Be on the lookout for a variety of new courses this summer.

Recognizing the significant investment you’ve already made to become a licensed educator, we’ve worked hard to offer our courses at competitive prices that include all credits, materials, and shipping.

You set the pace

Between lesson planning, teaching, grading, and supporting students, your commitments keep you busy

That’s why our coursework isn’t tied to a semester, and can be taken anytime, anywhere - with up to six months to complete. So you can expand your knowledge at a pace that works for you.


Complete the courses online or with print-based materials

Either way, our courses have been optimized for your preferred format

If you choose to take an online course, you’ll analyze real classroom footage of best practices and engage in interactive tasks. If you choose a print course, you’ll delve deeply into a selection of texts and multi-media to gain a greater understanding and learn new strategies on a variety of topics. No matter what format you choose, we know you’ll enjoy our courses and be able to start implementing what you have learned immediately into your practice.

Our online courses are accessible on your tablet and smartphone.

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